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Terms of Service

Any person ("User") who inquiries about or purchases any products or services of Aatm Nirbhar through its websites, mobile applications, sales persons, offices, call centers, branch offices, franchisees, agents etc. (all the aforesaid platforms collectively referred to as "Sales Channels") agree to be governed by this User Agreement.


Both User and Aatm Nirbhar are individually referred to as 'Party' and collectively referred to as 'Parties' to the User Agreement.


"Terms of Service" listed below detail out terms & conditions applicable on various services facilitated by Aatm Nirbhar. The User should refer to the relevant Terms of Service applicable for the given service as booked by the User. Such Terms of Service are binding on the User.





Aatm Nirbhar acts as a facilitator and merely provides an online platform to the User to select and book a particular training. Training in this context includes all categories of courses provided by the Trainers affiliated with Aatm Nirbhar. All training vehicles belong to the trainers themselves and Aatm Nirbhar shall not be responsible in any manner whatsoever for any claims pertaining to adherence of timelines, safety, quality, condition of the training vehicle. It is the sole responsibility of the Trainer to ensure it has all the requisite licenses, approvals, insurance and permits from appropriate authorities required to provide a two-wheeler training. Aatm Nirbhar gives no warranty or assurance with regard to requisite licenses, approvals, insurance and permits which the Trainer is supposed to obtain from appropriate authorities. 






  1. User should wear a helmet, shoes and comfortable clothes during the training

  2. User should not take leave for more than 1 day during the training period. Any leaves above 1 day shall be deducted from the remaining training days. 

  3. User should be punctual during the training

  4. For any leave, user should inform the trainer or Aatm Nirbhar in advance, otherwise the day will be counted as the regular training days.

  5. Due to risk of contamination students have to use their own mask and helmet and keep hands sanitized at all times.

  6. It shall be the sole responsibility of the User to ensure they are in possession of valid documents required to undertake the training. User understands that the information (if any) provided by Aatm Nirbhar regarding the travel documents is only advisory in nature and can't be considered conclusive.

  7. If the user is not satisfied with her trainer or service provided by the trainer, she should raise a complaint with the Aatm Nirbhar team by contacting on +9181088116111 or emailing on

  8. User must ensure that any friends / family members do not interfere during the conduct of the training. In case of such interference, user will be solely responsible for the outcome of the training 

    and any damages caused.

  9. Before signing up for any service, user must fill out a sign up form and accept the declaration after reading our service policies.





  1. Fees structure for different types of trainings is as follows

    1. Beginner's Course - Trainer Scooter = ₹3,200

    2. Beginner's Course - Self Scooter = ₹2,700

    3. Advanced Course - Trainer Scooter = ₹2,000

    4. Advanced Course - Self Scooter = ₹1,500

  2. Extra charges per day will be applicable on pro-rata basis for extra days of training after the training period




  1. Minimum duration for Beginner’s Training Course is 10 days and Advanced Course is 5 days

  2. The trainer shall provide at least 45 minutes of training excluding pick up and drop time per day to the user for the duration of the training

  3. Change in time once allotted is subject to availability of other time slots. To request change in time slot, user must raise a request with the Aatm Nirbhar team by contacting on +9181088116111 or emailing on

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